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Tutorials for Painters

8 Great Painting Tutorials on YouTube

If you are just starting out in the art world or have been painting for a while but need some tips, there are literally thousands of  painting tutorials available on line. 

Tutorials are available on every genre and style. These range from the very new beginner to the advanced artist. 

There are many web sites with written tutorials and instructions, but I am  a visual learner so I prefer watching video  on YouTube. 

Below is a list of my favorite painting tutorials. There are several different styles included. I hope you find something that inspires you.

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My Favorite Tutorials

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Lachri Fine Art: Lisa is one of my favorite artists. Her work is beautifully detailed and she is very knowledgeable about all things art related. 

She works in acrylic, oils, colored pencil as well as other mediums. Her tutorials are very informative and always entertaining.  She also does a live tutorial on most Wednesday nights.

The Art Sherpa:  Acrylic painting tutorials for beginning artists. The Art Sherpa has live acrylic paint along sessions featuring landscapes, fan art, fantasy and many more.  Great for the beginning artist.

The Frugal Crafter: Lindsay Weirich is the Frugal Crafter.  She does a little bit of everything but I especially love her watercolor paint along. 

She is full of energy and does a lot of real-time tutorials on everything from card making, stamping, painting with markers to oils, acrylics, and watercolors.

Angela Anderson:  This channel has beautiful acrylic tutorials for both the beginner and more advanced artist. Her pleasant voice and easy going manner make her a pleasure to watch.

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Chuck Black:  His beautiful landscapes and attention to detail make Chuck Black one of my favorite artists to watch. He explains what works and what doesn’t work in his paintings in both oils and acrylics.

Painting with Jane:  I love the interesting perspective Jane brings to her painting. Her channel has painting tutorials as well as tips on brushes, paint, color theory among other things.

Katie Jobling:  Katie has time-lapse paintings, studio tours and art tips to share with you.  She makes beautiful florals and landscapes come to life on the canvas in acrylic, oils and watercolor.

Lena Danya:    Painting and drawing tutorials as well as art tips and a glimpse into the life of a full time artist. Mostly oils with some watercolor and drawing tutorials.

If you have some favorite tutorials tell us about them in the comments below.

If you have questions, you can leave them in the comments below. You can also join our free Facebook group, Trembeling Art Creative Corner, where you can ask questions, post your work and get to know some fantastic artists from all genres and skill levels. 😊

Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “Tutorials for Painters”

  1. I like Surajfinearts. His YouTube videos (all abstract) match my painting style, and never fail to inspire me.

  2. I am fairly new to acrylic painting so I have been using Utube tutorials to help with learning the craft. I recognized a few of the names you have recommended and will check out a couple of the ones I did not know. I have really learned a great deal from ColorbyFeliks UTube tutorials. I find his blending and color mixing techniques especially helpful. Thank you for your recommendations.

  3. Hello,
    I am Raj Maji, an Artist, working with acrylic painting and making video tutorials (with minor detailing) to share my painting technique which includes the knowledge I have gathered in the past two decades. I was going through your site and liked your taste very much. So at the same time I thought of sharing the links of some of my tutorials. Please have a look if it matches the kind of tutorials you are looking for. Have a great day ahead.


    Thanks and Regards,
    Raj Maji

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