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A list of resources to help you with your art journey. It is still a work in progress and I will be adding to it frequently so check back often for new resources. 🙂

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Graphite Pencil Grades
Photorealism Checklist
Color chart for greens

Stocking Stuffers for Artists
Sketching Prompts
Paint mixing chart

My Favorite Painting Tools


My favorite paint to use is Liquitex Basics. It is a student grade paint but it is totally light fast and suits my style of painting. I like to paint in layers and this paint is perfect for thin layers and glazes.


I am not overly fussy about my brushes but I do have a favorite brand. The Simply Simmons brand are my favorites. They are just the right stiffness and don’t shed. Very nice to use.


My favorite palette to use is the Masterson Sta Wet Palette. It keeps my acrylic paint from drying out and comes with an air tight lid so I can keep the paint wet for days.


I like to use Liquitex Acrylic Gesso on all of my projects. It has the best consistency and coverage and the price is reasonable.

Artists Web Site

If you are an artist interested in starting your own web site to showcase or sell your art or you want to write about art the first thing you will need is a good hosting provider.

I use Lyrical Host because after much research I found them to be the best hosting out there. Excellent customer service, extremely helpful, and they have all kinds of perks like free stock photos every month. Use the code ART10 to get 10% off your hosting.

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4 thoughts on “Resources”

  1. I actually pain porcelain dolls. In this project, we are not given the understanding of colour mixing. We use China paint and a worksheet of how the doll will turn out if their choice of colours is used. I am a person who has to know the combination of the colour and what makes it that way. I am happy to have come across your site and very much appreciate your knowledge. It has given me liberty in what I do and peace of mind to create my doll. Thank you so much.

  2. What projector do you recommend? I’m 67 and think I’d like to try to paint but I can’t draw.

    1. Hi C Pierce; Congratulations on learning to paint! The best projector to get would be an LED projector. They are available at Amazon but are a bit pricey at around $100. There are other projectors available at art supply stores for various prices but they may not produce satisfactory results for you or may be too big and bulky. For a beginner I think the best way is to start with the transfer method. Use tracing paper to trace your subject from a picture and then transfer it to your canvas. Over time I found this method helped to teach me to draw and now I can draw most things freehand. As with everything, it just takes practice. I know the more you paint the more you will love it. 🙂

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