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Hi, I’m Marilyn!                                                                                                             

I am an artist and blogger who hopes to inspire and motivate with art and words. In 2013, after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, I began painting and creating art. My background is in business and finance, but doing the stressful 9-to-5 grind became too difficult. Art became therapy for me.

I grew up in Newfoundland, Canada, a small island jutting out into the North Atlantic. I was surrounded by beautifully dramatic landscapes and a laid-back, simpler way of life that inspired numerous artists over the years.

Eventually, I moved to Vancouver, where I married and had the oldest three of my children. After six years on the other side of the country, we decided we wanted to be a little closer to home. We said goodbye to the awe-inspiring mountains and moved to Labrador. 

Even though Labrador has nine months of winter and frigid temperatures, it has become home.  Our youngest three children were born here, and we have made some amazing friends. I also discovered my love of art in this beautiful, frosty land.

A collage of acrylic paintings by the author.
MarilynO @TrembelingArt

What started as a form of therapy for me has become a passion and new direction for my life. Learning to paint and draw with a progressive disability hasn’t been easy. However, it has been fun, humbling, motivating, and educational.  I am learning so much about art and life and how to dodge those lemons it throws your way.

If you are an aspiring artist looking for resources and tips or just someone needing a little motivation or humor to get you through the day, come join me on my journey. I hope to make the trip fun and interesting.

My work has been displayed and sold at the OXO gallery in London, England, to help raise funds for Parkinson’s research.

My painting entitled “Blue Boats” appeared on Practical Neurology magazine’s cover.

Some of my artwork and story were included in an art show symposium at a conference for the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine.

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90 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello, I have just started a. Journey in painting and a bit of drawing. I find it very relaxing and a great therapy. I too have a bit of illness. Bi Polar and last year diagnosed with Lupus.
    I appreciate all the help I can get.

    Have a wonderful de, and God Bless.


  2. Your work is beautiful & your story is gutsy & amazing. Thank you for sharing ❤️. You popped up on Pinterest & look forward to the journey of learning. My mom was from Newfoundland. ❤️

  3. Suzanne Strang

    Hi all,
    I also have Parkinsons.I am 76 was diagnosed in 2014.i am finding it difficult to walk a i have the Parkinsons stoop.But I can paint for hours.I am self taughtand I really appreiate the hlp and information I have got from youThanku you inspire me to keep on fighting. I have Parkinsons . It does not ha ve me

    1. I just came aboard on this website. As a 60 year old woman with chronic illnesses with pain, I feel very inspired today. I’m not alone in my circumstances, age & pursuits to create ART in various mediums.

  4. Catherine Layton

    I am an 80-year-old woman trying hard to keep up with my art with my mix of ET and Parkinson’s. I do collage and painting as well as I am able. Always looking for something new to try.

    1. Harrie Pinxten


      Ik ben een beginnende tekenaar / schilder en wil graag op de hoogte worden gehouden van u site.
      Mijn Dank.

      Harrie Pinxten

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