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A Collection of My Most Recent Paintings

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9 thoughts on “Paintings Gallery”

  1. Doreen Smith

    Good Afternoon Marilyn,
    I enjoy viewing and I’m inspired by all your beautiful artwork. Thank you for your valuable art info. It gives me the guidance to create better art. I experienced a late onset of Secondary Progressive M.S. in 2004 and now rely on a walker for support. My life long love of working with the different art mediums gives me so much pleasure and to create art is a hobby that I can do while sitting down. My husband has his struggles with having Parkinson’s. He’s not about to start doing artwork himself but encourages me to continue in what makes me happy. 🎨

  2. Marilyn. I like your style because it varies in style as my do. I didn’t think there was someone else who varied in style. Usually the artist work looks the same to me. Mine is like my chili it turns out different every time. Your work is inspirational to me.

    1. Hi Kathy;
      Thank you for your comments. My style is a little all over the place. It depends on how I am feeling and how much trouble Parkinson’s is giving me at that time. I really love experimenting with different styles and different mediums. Right now I am working with colored pencils and markers. Later this summer I want to try an acrylic pour. That should be interesting (and messy) for someone with Parkinson’s. lol It’s nice to meet someone else who doesn’t stick to just one style. Life is too short and interesting to be confined to one thing. Happy painting. 🙂

      1. Thanks for such inspiration. I have Parkinson’s in family and someone kept thinking I should stop sketching as I won’t be able to continue. You have taken away the fear for me and somehow made life a beautiful and hopeful place. Keep going 🤗

        1. Hi; I am glad you are continuing to sketch. You can always find a way to modify and adapt your art as time goes on. Any kind of artwork is actually very beneficial to people with Parkinson’s. There are actually art classes in many cities geared towards people with Parkinson’s. Happy sketching. 🙂

  3. Ei really like your art! It is clear what you are portraying and speaks to me. SMy brother had Parkinson’s and while ai have a severe falling and dizziness problem, I do not yet have a diagnosis. I am unafraid of it as I have a great pastime with my art, am 83 years old and not yet totally confined to bed. *I would be delighted if I do NOT have Parkinson’s but resigned if finally diagnosed. Best wishes to you, Mary. Conroy

    1. Hi Mary. Thank you for your kind comments. I am glad you like my art. My purpose is to make people happy with what they see. I am sorry for your health problems. Dizziness is my main problem too. I, too don’t let it bother me. I just work around it. You are very inspiring. It was great to hear from you. 🙂

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