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Painting Tips

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The Procrastinating Artist

Procrastinating is a Symptom Up until a few years ago I was a PROcrastinator.  I am pretty certain I could procrastinate procrastinating.  Nothing was getting done and with six children running around it got to be a real problem. I knew I had to do something to change so I put my procrastinating time to …

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hairdryer, shop towels, tissues and toothbrush

9 Household Hacks For Your Studio

Hacks For Your Studio   There are all kinds of things around your house that you can use in your studio. Why not save yourself a little money and try some of these tips to re-purpose household items in your studio. Here are some household hacks for your studio.  

pots of yellow, red, and blue artists paint on a white table with blue handled artist brushes

Tutorials for Painters

8 Great Painting Tutorials on YouTube If you are just starting out in the art world or have been painting for a while but need some tips, there are literally thousands of painting tutorials available on line. Tutorials are available on every genre and style. These range from the very new beginner to the advanced …

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